Agencies Are Ready To Help
Agencies are here to help.

   There are many non-profits that serve the needs of senior citizens. An Agency may be a local, state, or federally funded progam, church outreach, or community service organization.             

  We also recognize as Agencies currently licensed private individuals, i.e. a medical doctor, minister, or mental health therapist that provides senior peer counseling services pro bono.

  There is no cost for an Agency to register in this program or to use our secure email program for client/SPC sessions. However, licensed individuals must provide services for up to 12 weeks at no cost to senior clients or senior peer counselors.

   Contact us by email, text, phone for information on how to register your Agency for our free secure email service.   Learn More >>

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We rely solely on donations to fund this project. If you have the means and feel comfortable doing so, your help can help other seniors.
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